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BoB in States with Roger and Lewis

In States with Lewis - BOB, New Champion

In States with Lewis - BOG 4°

Bessy in TV Show "Stelle a Quattro Zampe"

at Gold Cup SAT

Bessy with Lewis - Best of Winners

Bessy flys - by Melania

In a cold day of winter, to the search of our second terranova, we went to breeding "Paradise". Inexpert which we were, name was to guide to us! We arrived and we were swept up from one cloud of "bears". Here and here it appeared some puppies .I am doubtful fo the choice, I memoried the breeder who say:"Do you want to see a beautiful big bitch? Here Bessy!"
When you appeared, in feet, supported to old washing machine, I remained fulminate!!! I felt your splendid eyes to penetrate to me within, in deepest! You were incredibly beautiful!
That day I returned to house with Luna in the car, but with you in my heart!!
My GREAT LOVE for you began therefore!
Every a lot I succeeded to see to you and from far away I followed your wires on the ring... But within of me I had only your eyes, your splendid look!!!
I tried pain, the day in which the your breeder it said to me that you would have left to America. "This is the life of the champions!"I thought! I continued to ask that point was the championship, when you would be returned... I didn't tolerate idea that far you pits therefore... With that straight then??!!!
While our family increased... other "bears" arrived to our house, but you were my fixed thought, here in America!
A day, I don't know like, perhaps for game, I made a proposed to your breeder: I asked him that you lived with me, to your return from the America. I asked to leave you in "pension" with me. I promised that I would have taken cure of you, that you would have lived a calmer life...
He, knowing me, said that I would have suffered too much to every your departure for the exposures. I promised that I would not have made objections, that you were his, I only wanted that you lived with us... you seemed you did not have hope!!...
... The month after you arrived! We didn't believe! The small great Bessy was in our garden! More Beautiful that never, more intense that never! The same evening that you arrived, we knew that, from the America, perhaps you brought something... a litter!!
Nobody believed to us, neither him ! Only after the second echography, it was convinced. Happy for you and he, I felt some weight of much responsibility... " yes, you will see, will go all good!" it seemed you said you to me, when taken care I caress yours big head! When we took a walk in garden, I watched and I said to you: " But are you here, are you her with us ? ". Sitting to the feet of the large one cherry tree, I watched to you, I observed to you, I admired to you in ecstasy that only you made me to try. Those start in the deep one of the spirit that I do not know to explain... I asked me:" what did I make for to deserve to you?".
While the days passed, and in May you given us five splendid puppies: Norman, Zoe, Moony, Stella and Byron!
The fatigue of the white nights passages to nurse your small, neglecting the family and all the rest, living for you and yours puppies, involved great sacrifices, but all this wide was repaid from the image of your puppies sleeped on you!
I could not leave fora second , otherwise you howled as one crazy... you wanted to me next, always, night and morning!By your arrival, you chose me, and for this in family they were all some jealous and content in the same moment. With the time it had become a morbid attachment... you did not go to pee, if I did not accompany you!! Also I had become special for you, like you was always for me! We spoke ourselves with eyes. Like when I nursed your puppies and I supported the last one in your dog's bed; you raised, and with the look you asked me permission for to go to fondle them.
You layed down, and with incredible sweetness, you donated them! For some according to they give some milk that you had, and that one was enough... was theirs lullaby!! I enjoyed of the image that I had in front of my eyes! The small great Bessy, with its puppies...
I continued to ask to me because you were here... what I had made for to deserve all this to me... That pleasant feeling to feel your deep breath when you sleep next to me!
That emotions you transmitted to me, you were indeed special!! I have always thought, from when I have seen before the time to you, when still you were not Great STANDING OVATION! Nevertheless I was myself already in love of you!
Between of us there was an indeed particular understanding. Also when you were coricata with your puppies, you did not spread yourself never completely, you had to always control to me, I had always your eyes that aimed me... those eyes peered at me...
Like that day... that cursed day!!!!...

Once again you have watched to me with those eyes, once again you have to me fixed with that look... you have intentional to give also your last look to me!!! And like lightning you are entrance in my life, and like lightning you went some!!! I do not know to explain, or perhaps I have decided that I do not want to think... Not I want more to think at those moments... the incredulity, the impotence... As "he" could, to have to you little left therefore time with me...! I had therefore a lot wished to you!!! At a distance much time, meeting still to try your big face that to come out from pine-tree!
I do not succeed to believe what many say... "You 'll look, a day you will find again something of she in its puppies!" Not, I don't creed! Not creed will not be able never to happen it... Iwill be able never more is to us a dog of which I can myself therefore lost be loved...!!... Even if to say true... one your child... beh, I have called it "Zoe, petite Bessy", because he has something that... to times I surprise it here, sitting, to watch itself... to fix... with a look... with that look... NOT, NOT!! It is not possible! I do not want more that it happens, and will not be able more to happen! You for me was and will be always only!!!
In little time you are steal the heart of all, in family! Your passing, has upset all, not only me! Because you were special... you were something in more...! And as De André said, "like all the beautifulst things, you lived a single day like the roses!! You was my rose of May! You was born in May ... in May you have given what better you could not: your splendid puppies... and in May you gone some!!
You was the beautifulst rose, the most perfumed, most intense, that never it is bloomed in my garden!!
I want to thank who has allowed living you with us, even if in order a lot little...! I do not know if never it has understood how much us has rendered happy, how much has honored to us to have to you near. To times I assert that she would have been better not to have to you... today I would even suffer little... but is not therefore, you were already within of me, a lot before arriving to our house. I thank in order to have given the opportunity to me to enjoy moments that NEVER I will be able to forget... Bessy that it ran in the rings was wonderful, but never how much the Bessy that with belly, it ran encounter in my garden! The scent that emanates to you was not that one of the sprays, but that one of mother... it is remained very soaked in the nose...!! Enough to close the eyes and I still feel your scent... and your breath to it that sleeps next to me!
I thank you in order to have given to me and my family, your better days!
Only a moment I would want to remove together from this piece of passed life: the moment in which the "our swallow" it is flown away...!
I have truly understood, that it is not the amount, but the quality of the time passed with a being, to render it therefore important!
To times in the life, the fortune is had to meet someone truly special, than it makes you to try great emotions, than it transmits something strongly to you, than it leaves a indelebile sign you!
that it remains to us, beyond to your wonderful puppies, is this sign, than it will always accompany to us in order, because not even Mrs. Death can all!!!
Nobody will be able to never cancel the memory of yours pouter between my arms, your tail wagging to our return... and your look... that look...!
Perhaps but goodness know, a day we will find again... perhaps in an other garden, called Paradise! Also here you will return to play with Guendalina and Melania!
We will return to walk entirety... Emanuele and I will remain some pass behind, enraptured, to admire much beauty, than goodness know if possible, I will be able to shine still more!!!
Bessy thanks, for all which you have given to us.........


Oriana, Emanuele, Guendalina and Melania

at National Speciality CIT