Welcome to our website!

The website you're going to visit it's not only an exhibition but it's the telling of our own story.
The story that day by day we spend together our Newfoundland dogs, the handsome or not…
On these pages you could see not only the best Newfoundland dogs, the result of an accurate selection, made with extremely seriousness at all the best of possible… but you could see also the first dogs.
Dogs like Pablo, our first Newfoundland, went in our home with only great matter: "give us love".
Dogs like my Luna, the second and irreplaceable companion.
Dogs like Bell, Gigio, Tara, Hura, and Dudů went in our life for a destiny's will…
Dogs like Norman and Zoe, gorgeous gift of a big star: STANDING OVATION…
So.. you can really find all of our dogs, the more handsome or less …but they are not less important for us!
Thanks to all of our dogs we learnt to love and appreciate these gorgeous "little bears".
It wasn't necessary to publish all dogs' stories because most of them are not between our dogs reproducers… but we wanted you could know all our dogs, 'cause all of them are parts of our story!