We are a great family, daddy Emanuele, mum Oriana, Guendalina (she's fifteen) and Melania (she's ten) and other eighteen hairy "brothers and sisters".
The first one is Pablo, maybe the sweetest, so much to fall in love immediately of this wonderful breed. And then Luna, my second wonderful and untameable companion!
And then Bell, Gigio; Tara, Luna, Dudů; went in our home not for our choice but by destiny…
And Norman and Zoe, precious and no-price gift of sweet Bessy: Standing Ovation, the best brilliant star brighting in our sky…
And again Camilla, Emy, Hermann, Charlotte, Dylan, Herin, Milton and the new come Enya and Alex.
Hoops! I'm forgetting our mascot Ambrogio… he hurts of this oversight!
He's not a Newfoundland, but a Bassethound even if I think he believes to be a Newfoundland sometimes…..
Each dog I mentioned has his own character and his own history, with an own role in our family.
All together these dogs helped to change our life…they give us something, so our simple and common life was sweetly changed!
And even if our life is still simple and common, it reached of feelings and emotions… it's sure more peaceful and… yes! More "hairy" and "slavering" but that's a part of our dogs, isn't ??
My life was always full of big and little pet friends, but when eight years ago Pablo came in my life, I never though my family will be grow up so much!!!
Despite the hard work, the slavering and the hair, I know that my family it's not complete without our dogs. And even if I'm the writer of these words, I know I'm telling all family's thought!
Because all together take part of this passion, of this great love we share for...
We take care personally of our dogs, also our daughters, as they can... with our dogs and for our dogs we spent our time, our relax! And it's thanks to them if our home is always full of friends! In these years we met very special people..
Between our most and bestt friends there are persons we known thanks to our puppies.
We met great friends, and I want to tell about them (in alphabetical order! So nobody is privilegiate!)
Friends like Alessandro and Lara, life's companion of the great Sky
Like Flavia: with her we spent time talking about our Newfoundland via web and phone
Like the gorgeous Maribella! Sweet companion of our puppies Molly and Morghy.. She's so irreplaceable … she's always ready to exult of a success and to share happiness when we are up but she's still ready to listen and cheer when we are down..
And also Iwonna , patient and wise polish friend… she speak few words but her words never wasted..
And Roby and Paolo, with whom we share important steps of this adventure…